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How to grow your exports?

No need to hire sales people and agents or attend expensive fairs, build a website: publish your products and attract international buyers


Need to buy a product or a service?

Post your RFQs in seconds, get free offers from trustable suppliers and close the best deals

Pay and Get Paid

Worried about payment risks?

Use our Escrow service to trade with unknown or remote partners safely. Payoneer’s Escrow is a cheaper, easier and faster payment solution than letters of credit. No more risky advances or unpaid deliveries

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Looking for instant shipping quotes?

Enter your shipment details, get instant quotes and book the most convenient sea, land, air cargo in seconds

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Stand Out

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Get your company verified by our international Audit Partner SGS. Verified companies attract 10x more business and have a shining profile on Projectmaterials

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Looking for new business partners?

Follow and interact with buyers and suppliers, publish news, articles and pictures about your business. Projectmaterials is a professional social network, where people meet, build relationships and trade

Focus on Materials and Services for Projects

Oil & Gas, Construction, Power Generation, Ship Building

Projectmaterials B2B Marketplace at a Glance

What is Projectmaterials? is a B2B marketplace to buy and sell project materials and services easily and safely. We can help you grow your exports and imports globally.

What can I do on Projectmaterials?

Acting as seller, you can post you products and attract new buyers. Acting as buyer, you can post your RFQs and cut great deals with international suppliers.

How much does Projectmaterials cost?

It’s free, we do not charge any subscription fee. You pay only our value-add services when, and if, you need them (post premium products or urgent RFQs, buy or sell with Escrow, get a verified company badge on your profile).

Does Projectmaterials sell anything directly?

No, we do not buy, sell or stock any product or service. Our mission is to provide an easy platform where international buyers and suppliers meet and do business directly.

Do I need two two separate accounts to buy and sell?

No, you can buy and sell with one single account. You can use Projectmaterials to buy, sell or do both. You decide which role to play time by time, depending on your needs.

What products and services does Projectmaterials focus on?

We focus on materials and services for project business (plant construction) only. We cover the needs of the oil & gas, construction, ship-building, power generation, chemical and manufacturing industries (a 4 trillion USD market p.a.).

Who are Projectmaterials’s target users?

We target small and medium sized businesses (SME) that aim at buying and selling internationally without fixed costs and risks.

What is the Escrow service?

Escrow is a payment service similar to letters of credit, but way cheaper, easier and equally safe. Escrow helps you buy or sell to unknown or remote partners without payment risks.

Who is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a world giant of online payments (Amazon, Airbnb and Google use their services). Payoneer manages the full payment process on Projectmaterials, we do not receive or send any money ourselves.

Where is Projectmaterials based?

Projectmaterials is based in Lugano, Switzerland. Our mission is to help small and medium sized business grow internationally.

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